Population Health Collaborative

Population Health Collaborative

Serving: Erie and Niagara Counties


Karen Hall, Director of Programs

Tara Maving, Director of Communications & Development

371 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14202

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About Us:

Population Health Collaborative’s mission is to align resources to measurably improve health and healthcare delivery, increase access to care, and reduce health disparities in Western New York. Our vision is to create a culture that embraces and rewards personal and organizational behaviors that promote active, healthy lifestyles that lead to personal happiness and wellbeing and community vitality. Over the course of the last few years we have clarified our work by focusing on chronic diseases with a very strong emphasis on the behaviors that cause (or could prevent) them. The behaviors, in turn are strongly influenced by the policies, systems and the built environments where people live, work, play and make lifestyle decisions that impact their health. In general, the PSE work we have done is applicable for the purposes of this CPiA. Identifying, recruiting, educating and engaging with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds (“champions”) and mobilizing them to drive the PSEs that help prevent chronic disease is deeply embedded in our culture and our programmatic expertise.


Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic

May 25th, 2021 – Niagara Falls School District Parent Meeting with panelists Jennifer Frustino, D.D.S., PhD and Martin C. Mahoney, MD, PhD

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Population Health Collaborative
371 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14201
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