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Serving: Broome and Tioga Counties

Broome County Health Department Vision:

Broome County will be distinguished as a community that maximizes the opportunity for all people to take responsibility for their own well-being and achieve their optimal quality of life.  The health of the community will also be enhanced by a community wide partnership of organizations that will assess, prioritize, and take action on initiatives to improve specific public health indicators and measures of community health status.

CPiA Goals:

The Broome County Health Department has partnered with local businesses, school districts, healthcare organizations, and the Tioga County Health Department for work on the Community Cancer Prevention in Action Grant. The main focus areas of the grant are to: educate the public, especially youth, about the dangers of UV exposure; work with local employers to allow and promote paid time off for cancer screenings for their employees; and promote the HPV vaccination and education surrounding the HPV virus and the cancers it can cause.

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Broome Contact:

Mary McFadden, Supervising Public Health Educator

225 Front Street

Binghamton, NY, 13905



Tioga Contact:

Laura Bennett, Public Health Educator

1062 State Route 38

Owego, NY, 13827




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Due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, Broome County Health Department and Tioga County Health Department will be limiting the amount of events we will be attending.

Thank you for your patience and continuous support during this time.

Upcoming Observances

August is National Immunization Awareness Month!

National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is an annual awareness month to highlight the importance of vaccinations for people of all ages.

Parents YOU have the power to protect your children against vaccine-preventable diseases.

  • Preteens and teenagers need 4 vaccines to protect against serious disease: meningococcal vaccine to prevent meningitis and other bloodstream infections; tdap vaccine to prevent against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough; a yearly flue vaccine; and the HPV vaccine to protect against cancers that are caused by HPV.
  • The HPV vaccine is given at ages 11-12 for best protection. It can be given up to adults ages 26.
  • The HPV vaccine is only 2 doses, 6 months apart. After a teen is 15, 3 doses will need to be given.

Vaccines are safe and effective at preventing serious disease.

  • Vaccines work with children’s natural defense systems to help them safely develop protection from disease.
  • Vaccines are tested to ensure they are safe and effective. They are also closely monitored after they are in use. To learn more about the safety of the HPV vaccine visit: HPV Vaccine Safety Information

Work with your children’s pediatrician or nurses to stay up to date on the recommended vaccines.

  • Talk to your child’s doctor or nurse about whether or not you have missed any of the recommended vaccinations.
  • The immunization schedule is designed to provide immunity is early life, before children are exposed to possible diseases. Click here for the Recommended vaccine schedule for 7-18 year olds: Vaccination Schedule for 7-18 Year-Olds
  • Some vaccinations, like the HPV vaccine, require more than one dose in order to be effective. Each recommended dose is important

Vaccine preventable diseases are still a threat. Vaccination is the best prevention for all.

  • Some infections that are preventable in preteen vaccinations, like HPV can cause serious health issues later on in life. Over 34,000 men and women in the United States are diagnosed with a cancer related to HPV every year.

Follow the conversation online or share why you vaccinate with #ivax2protect

Partner Spotlight


Broome County Health Department wants to thank UHS for being a great partner in cancer-prevention activities!

UHS has worked with the Broome County CPiA team on sun safety and HPV vaccination initiatives throughout Year 1 and 2. The UHS Stay Healthy Center has provided sun safety and HPV vaccine information to multiple venues and audiences.

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Broome County Health Department
225 Front St
Binghamton, NY 13905
ph: (607) 778-3930
Contact: Mary McFadden, Supervising Public Health Educator
225 Front Street
Binghamton, NY 13905